Picasso and his pup. He did an entire series of line drawings that are figures made from one single, continuous line
Couldn't figure out whether to pin under "Humor" or "Cuteness"–obviously I went for the latter.
I'm thinking this could be a cool DIY project.  Except I would want to use twigs and things from an actual tree.  Not that wood doesn't come from actual trees…
Shirley MacLaine is someone I'd love to have lunch with and have a good conversation about everything.  She's fascinating to me!
amazing floor to ceiling windows, love the rustic ceiling and beams, and white planked fireplace…furniture arrangement is perfect
Maja the bee hamster.
beautiful bully, love the leg kick
baby gift idea: bunny mobile – Aubrey + Lindsays Blog
Vivian Vance…too bad she didn't do much acting after the 'I Love Lucy Show'
haying image | Baling hay on our Iowa farm was a group effort. To “make hay …
Previous Pinner: "Flash was helping me with breakfast this morning and became uber obsessed with this jar. So I put him in it to get him to settle down. And he loved it. He just sat in there blowing me kisses while I laughed my head off. "
The Elephant Bridge | Content in a Cottage
Zipper, a dog from Torrance, California. "No Photoshop here! I did some research and found a dye that wasn't going to hurt my dog, and I dyed him green. This costume is from build-a-bear." Contributed by sarajordan
Kevin, the baby tortoise v. the giant strawberry. Go Kevin.
Great Pyrenees…ok, not quite a Newf, but maybe the next best thing.
~~ "Curious cub" by guide Kyle de Nobrega at Lion Sands Private Game Reserve ~~
"If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely." -Roald Dahl
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Here he is: Pharaoh our #sphynx #kitten. Just making himself a new home.
This little bird is weaving his/her own nest.